Sexy Beasts My Journey To Fit And Healthy
Anonymous: :( it's hard I know but I really am inspired by how you keep going. I'm rotting for you! 

Thank you! You have no idea how much that means to me. I’m rooting for you too 💕


It has fat.

It has stretch marks.

It can run, jump, bike, do yoga, play sports, and lift heavy weights.

My body is perfect.

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It really pisses me off when people starve themselves in order to lose weight, especially when I tell them they don’t need to do that. They swear that’s the best way to lose weight and there’s no changing their mind.


Before and after losing 120 lbs.

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Anonymous: How's your ab work coming along? I know it's hard for you. It's hard for me to lose belly fat too! Any tips 

Not good at all, gained an inch on my waist. I can’t help you right now babe, I can’t even help myself