Sexy Beasts My Journey To Fit And Healthy



Meet MrsBabyFat: By her own words, she’s a 37 yr old, morbidly obese, wife & mother to 7 beautiful kids. I’m a nurse, who wants to lead by example! Its time to get my life in order & get fit!

Yes yea yes and yes! You go you beautiful person

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Anonymous: I'm 5"3 & 195lbs I'm fine with my body I'm grateful for my good proportions & I can feel sexy, cute & wanted I have no delusions about my health I'm very overweight and pose a higher health risk I'm fine with my lifestyle & the food I eat/ate but out of concerns for my future health I decided to change & get into fitness I've been doing good so far & am fine with eating healthy MOST of the time but I'm self conscious that ppl assume I'm losing weight because I'm unhappy with myself cuse I ain't 

Honey I have one response to that… FUCK WHAT PEOPLE THINK

Who cares seriously, you live your life, at the end of the day half the people don’t care and the other half just need something to talk about. Good for you doing what you’re doing and keep doing what you’re doing. As long as you’re happy and you know your reason then all is well